To American Immigrants from the Middle East

By Kahlil Gibran

Kahlil Gibran’s poem from 1926 has a timely application to the modern day.

Eulogy for an Aging Book Guy

by Tim Eberle, from Witness

The least I can do is ride out this “book guy” thing until it reaches its logical conclusion.

Safe is the New Dangerous

By Kenneth Goldsmith, special to Utne Reader

Art is about arriving with nothing and connecting to everything that it means to be alive. Art is something that happens inside us.

The Story Catcher

By Michael N. McGregor

In his essays, novels, and life, Brian Doyle traveled to the very edges of reality, spirit, nature, and mystery.


To Flounder or Flourish

By Ian Goldin and Chris Kutarna

We can learn a lot from our past, and we can be the creators of our futures.

Utilizing Thesis Statements Before and After Graduation

By Umberto Eco

Continue to develop the usefulness of thesis statements in and out of the classroom setting.

Secret Stages

By Bradly Girard, special to Utne Reader

Downtown Birmingham, Alabama has a secret you need to hear.

A List of My Utopias

By Debbie Urbanski, from The Sun

A collection of utopias and a reflection of life.